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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

necklaces and bagcharms

item5:my lil tweety
price:$18(with normal postage)
item4:my mystical garden
item3:my lil lollypops
price:$15(with normal postage)2 sold

item2:rock my baby
price:$13(with normal postage)

item1:oriental loves
price:$35(normal postage)

Esther_lub12 :+: Girls Style .. My Styles :+: 2:48 AM



item3:daisy loves
price:$17.90(with normal postage)
item2:girly daisy
price:$17( with normal postage)

item1:mickey loves

price:$17.90(with normal postage)

Esther_lub12 :+: Girls Style .. My Styles :+: 2:45 AM


Wednesday, May 2, 2007

handmade Necklace^^

item:the royal cat
description:actually i wanted to created a piece such that i can call this cat a mysterious guy or something like that.but in the end it turn out to be something which looks elegant,it.therefore i changed my mind and it became the royal cat.
length of necklace:slightly above chest area.

item:sweet ballerina
description:i created this after creating the bambi necklace,hence there is some similarity found.they all look sweet dont they.get your sweet ballerina today.
length of necklace:slightly below chest area

item:bambi loves
description:this is rather a simple looking piece.but i had a difficult time looking for this bambi charm.it depicts a sweet looking bambi in a realm of happiness and everything nice.
length of necklace:slightly below chest area

Item name:Angelicious Garden
Price:$ 20
description:i wanted to convey a message like beautiful things are always together.
hence i used angel,crystal and created a metal butterful with swirls to created a flower like feel.
length of necklace:slightly above chest area or slightly below chest area.

Item Name:Messy thoughts
description:messy thots is all about lines and swirls,i wasnt thinking about how the end product will look like when i was creating this piece.i just followed my heart.twisting and swirling the wire in a way that it looks okay to me.:)
length of necklace:slightly above chest area or slightly below chest area.

all interested parties are to email me at mushmalo@hotmail.com
if there is more than 1 interested party,bidding occurs.if not it will be based on first pay 1st served basis as there is simply too many dead buyers online.payment will be made to my posb savings account,concealed cash(at your own risk).no meetups.

Esther_lub12 :+: Girls Style .. My Styles :+: 8:42 AM



[x]item sold are non-refundable nor exchangeable
[x]bidding occurs when there is more then 2 buyers
n i operate on a first pay first serve basis.
[x]please made your payment to my posb savings account 209-00441-0 after you have ordered the items within 2days
[x]postage will be an additional $1.50.i will bubble wrapped the item,with a little handmade thank you card,wrapped put the items into a pretty pouch
[x]please do not bargain,i will not entertain you.its a waste of time to just bargain for $1.i will not hesitate to blacklist you go mia or waste alot of my time for just a$1 discount
[x]i will put up a section on how interesting people can be just to save a little$1 or 50cents,do lookout for that .
[x]thanks for all those who support my works:)i will try my best to serve you,will mail out items the following day after payment is received


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